10 series similar to Lucifer

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Season 5 of Tom Ellis' fiction has been since its release among the most seen from Netlflix, which confirms that he has a tireless fandom, his great support both before and after the original cancellation.

We donot yet know when the second part of this fifth installment willarrive, let alone the sixth, but we can entertain these recommendations until then. That's why we want to present you with a plain with a series similar to Lucifer.

10 series similar to Lucifer

From AlternWorld we present you with a list of 10 Lucifer-like series.

Wynnona Earp

The first series like this we're introducing you to is Wynnona Earp . This is a series that brings together a lot of previous ingredients: the origin references to the pop imaginary and the commitment to supernatural.

American Gods

The second series in this list that we present you 10 series similar to Lucifer, we present you American Gods . American Gods tells the story of a duel between flesh and blood gods that will get you hooked just likeLucifer.

Ash vs Evil

The third alternative we present to you is Ash vs Evil . If you like supernatural, dark and bloody series, but with a lot of humor and cynicism, Ash vs. Evil Dead is the next fiction you're going to get hooked on.


The fourth Lucifer-like series we present to you is the famous Castle detective series. This series isabout about a mystery writer who became a criminal investigator in order to get inspiration for his novels.

Prodigal Son

At the halfway point on the list we find Prodigal Son .Prodigal Son has no science fiction, but his own reflection on evil. He follows in the footsteps of a researcher with a dark past: his father is a serial killer.


The sixth similar series we present to you is Evil.Robert King, creators of The Good Wife, was animated by this kind of X-File (funny and ironic) focused on exorcisms and dark forces.


The next similar series we present to you is Preacher . The series is about a priest in a crisis of faith who discovers a superpower that questions his nature .


The eighth of the 10 Lucifer-like series is iZombie . It revolves around a zombie that feeds on the brains of dead people and works as a police collaborator .


The ninth and penultimate alternative we present to you is Shadowhunters, a series that tells the adventures of a young woman who embraces her destiny as a demon-hunter.


The tenth and final series we present to you to get you hooked on another Lucifer-like series is Supernatural . In this series we focus on two brothers facing a multitude of supernatural beings.

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