7 games similar to Clash of Clans

Since its release, Clash of Clans has quickly become one of the most popular strategy and battle games and recommended today. This is because it has some very eye-catching graphics, as well as several very charismatic.

Many other companies have wanted to make money by creating their own strategy games similar to Super Cell's crown jewel. That's why AlternWorld would like to present you with a list of 7 games similar to Clash of Clans.

7 games similar to Clash of Clans

From AlternWorld we present you a list created by our expert gamers about 7 games similar to Clash of Clans.

Battle Beach

The first game on the list we present to you similar to Battle Beach . Like Clash of Clans, this game also allows us to build our village or town with the distribution we want, plus we can add all the weapons and defenses we want.

Total Conquest

The second of the 7 games similar to Clash of Clans is Total Conquest. Its main attraction is its gameplay, since unlike most games of this style, we must build our empire literally from scratch, investing in aspects that we think are necessary.

Siege Samurai

The third game that we present to you similar to Clash of Clans is Samurai Siege . Like Clash of Clans and the other games we can build our own village and have all the weapons that we need, only for our army we will use warriors samurai.

Planet Wars

In the fourth place we meet Planet Wars . In this game we will not have to design and build a village, but a space base, which we must protect from our rivals who seek to steal our resources, our weapons and other items.

Jungle Heat

The fifth game of the 7 games similar to Clash of Clans is Jungle Heat . It is impossible not to enjoy this fun strategy game, because even thoughwe have to be very meticulous and think very well every single one of our tactics and the design of our camp, Jungle Heat has very funny graphics, so it's a game extremely nice.

Dawn of Titans

In the penultimate place of games similar to Clash of Clans is Dawn of Titans . You go to war with thousands of troops instead of dozens, so you get that sense of real war. The game also has a way of campaign, a variety of special events and, of course, PvP in line.

Star Wars: Commander

The last game we present to you is Star Wars: Commander . Star Wars: Commander had a pretty big release thanks to its name. However, since then it has fallen a little. Despite that, the It's actually a pretty solid game.

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