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Alice in Borderland is known for being an original Japanese science fiction and fantasy Netflix series .

The story is about three delinquent friends who think they lead a very simple and boring lifestyle. A night of shooting starswill change everything, as the desire to have a life full of intense and adventurous emotions will come true.

As a result, the three teenagers will be moved to a parallel world where they will have to face great battles until they risk their own lives .

If you are a fan of science fiction and drama series, I'm sure you will love this list of the best Alice in Borderland type series and you will be hooked.

Alice in Borderland look-alike series

From AlternWorld we bring you a series of series similar to Alice in Borderland that will leave you with a great deal of intrigue and you'll want to know how these interesting stories end.


First, we bring you an original series from Netflix: 3%.

This series is based on a dystopian future where society is divided into those who live in poverty and, on the other hand, those who are fortunate and have great wealth.

People living in poverty have the opportunity to change their lives and destinies. To do this, they must pass some tests and only 3% will succeed.

Sense 8

Sense8 is undoubtedly one of Netflix's most ambitious projects. The story focuses on a group of people from different cities and cultures around the world who come together mentally for no apparent reason.

Faced with this union, they are forced to find a way to survive while being persecuted by those who see them as a threat to the world order.

W: Two worlds apart

The plot of W: two worlds apart is really fascinating. This story is about a teenager who wins the Greek Olympics .

After he returns home happy with his success, his whole family is dead. All the members of the family are shot in the middle of the forehead .

The protagonist is arrested as he is the main suspect in the tragic murder. Once he is released from prison, he begins his search for the murderer who killed his entire family.

Sweet Home

Sweet Home is sure to get you hooked. The protagonist of this story lost his family in an accident. After this tragic event, he decides to move to a new apartment where strange things begin to happen that will make you suffer and enjoy this series with unstoppable emotion.

Black Mirror

Last but not least, Black Mirror has been valued as a must-see televisiongem.

Black Mir ror is a series of independent chapters since its plot is totally different in each chapter but with a common purpose: the power of new technologies and how they can move our world and society.

This series stands out for being futuristic where the future society, the morality, the loneliness and feelings controlled by the new technologies are shaped that in turn will bring catastrophes and pleasures .

The messages that Black Mirror wants to transmit are incredible and above all, surprising .

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