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There are series that mark a before and after in the world of television. This is the case of Friends, a series that has 10 seasons and is known worldwide that has left an untouchable mark on thousands of viewers.

For those who don't know, this series is about 6 friends in their twenties living in Manhattan. Throughout the series, they experience very peculiar situations that will hook you from minute one.

You will share all kinds of situations with the protagonists of this magnificent series: situations of love, heartbreak, illusion....always with a touch of humor to make you have a great time.

Friends is undoubtedly a perfect series. That's why, from AlternWorld we bring you series similar to Friends so you can discover new series as good as this one.

The best series similar to Friends

Below, you will find a list of series similar to Friends that you are going to love.

Shall we get started?

How I Met Your Mother

This series is without a doubt another undisputed classic. How I Met Your Mother tells a love story in which Ted, one of the main characters, tells how he fell in love with his better half.

In addition to love stories, you can also live in first person all the adventures that live this group of friends living in New York.

With a touch of humor and madness, you will love this series.

The Office

Secondly, we present you The Office. This American series has 9 seasons and its plot is very simple and funny at the same time: it's about theworking day of a group of office workers in a paper company.

It's impossible not to stop laughing with this series, as it creates very uncomfortable and funny situations.

New Girl

Jess, the main character, moves into an apartment with three men after breaking up with her partner. In this apartment they are going to spend thousands of adventures that will make you laugh non-stop.

New loves, heartbreaks, illusions, disappointments, lots of fun and the occasional disappointment will make you have a great time with this series.

The Big Bang Theory

As many of you know, The Big Bang Theory is a perfect series for those who love comedy.

Leonard and Sheldon, two roommates, have a PhD in theoretical physics. Although their studies are very high and excellent, they have a big problem: they do not know how to relate to the rest of the world, especially with girls.

This will lead them to live some very funny experiences that will get you hooked.

Modern Family

Modern Family offers a current perspective of the dynamic American family through the experiences of several family members. They use the mockumentary format to tell their stories, a fact that has increased the popularity of this series.

This series is known for being both funny and exciting at the same time. It also won a Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series.

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