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The hit series How I Met Your Mother is a love story told in reverse, with the main character, Ted, telling how he fell in love.

Although the identity of the mother is not known until a few seasons, this series will entertain you a lot as it tells the experiences of a group of friends in New York.

If you are a fan of comedy series, AlternWorld offers you a list of series similar to How I Met Your Mother so that you can enjoy very entertaining series with a great sense of humour.

Series similar to How I Met Your Mother

From AlternWorld we will present you with a perfect list to discover series similar to How I Met Your Mother.


The first series we are going to introduce you to may be very familiar: Friends .

This series is a romantic comedy . It tells the story of a group of young people who live in New York and their lives are both simple and complicated.

This series has been pleasantly popular with many users as it has captured the attention of a very wide audience.

New Girl

Secondly, New Girl is sure to love you.

Jess, the main character, moves into a three-man apartment after breaking up with her partner. Thousands of adventures are going to take place on this floor that are sure to make you laugh nonstop.

The Big Bang Theory

As many of you know, The Big Bang Theory is a perfect series for those users who love comedy.

Leonard and Sheldon, two roommates, have PhDs in theoretical physics. Although their studies are very high and excellent, they have a big problem: they do not know how to relate to the rest of the world, especially to girls.

This will lead them to live some very funny experiences that will hook you up a lot.

Modern Family

Modern Family offers a current perspective of the dynamic American family through the experiences of various family members. They use the mockumentary format to tell their stories, a fact that has increased the popularity of this series.

This series is known for being both fun and exciting. It also won a Golden Globe for best television series.

Two and a half men

Two and a half men deal with two very different brothers : one is rich with many privileges and the other is a doctor with bad luck in life.

Because of life's circumstances, the two brothers go to live together with the son of one of them. Once all three are settled in, they will have some incredible experiences full of humor and laughter that will make you have a great time.

Here there is no one who lives

I'm sure if you're Spanish you'll know what this famous series is about. Here there is no one who lives is a peculiar community of neighbors located in the center of Madrid that will make you laugh nonstop.

In each episode the neighbours will live very funny and surprising experiences that will make you have an incredible time.

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