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As you know, Skype is more than just a free IP telephony program; in addition to the possibility of seeing the interlocutors through the video broadcast, the application features a function for to hold conferences that support up to 50 participating Skype accounts at the same time.

But like all good things, your competitors are born. That's why our experts at AlternWorld have designed a list of the top 10 alternatives to Skype so you can use others that may be more specialized.

What's wrong with Skype?

Initially, Skype was the only one of its kind, but users got tired of their problems so competitors started coming out to Skype that offered better services. Here are some of Skype's issues:

  • It allowed the CIA to intervene in any Skype call.
  • Weak privacy policy.
  • Calls can be listened to by third parties.

If you're tired of Skype not working for you don't worry about why AlternWorld has put together a list of the top 10 alternatives to Skype so you can use similar or even better ones.

Top 10 alternatives to Skype

AlternWorld has compiled a list of the top 10 alternatives to Skype , so you can use similar or even better ones.

IONOS Video Chat

The first alternative we present you is IONOS Video Chat . A free and very easy to use alternative to Skype, because it' s not necessary to download and install a program on your computer, but you use online in the browser.

Advantages of IONOS Video Chat:

  • Protected by TLS.
  • High data protection.
  • No registration required.
  • Multi-platform web application used in the browser

IONOS Video Chat opinions: [Average rating 4'5/5]

  • Very good app. -Marta.
  • I really like this app. -Paco.
  • Cool and fun. -Martina.


The second alternative we present to you is Spike. It is particularly attractive in the professional sector as it helps to make the communication within the teams, both between members and with partners external, be more efficient.

Spike's advantages:

  • Available for many platforms.
  • Offers the option to encrypt the files you send.
  • Allows you to send voice messages and files.
  • Integrated in a communication platform with other collaborative functions.

Spike Reviews: [Average rating 4'8/5]

  • Fantastic app. -Carlos.
  • It's so much fun to use with my girls. -Carmen.
  • I've been using it for meetings with the company. -Noelia.

Zoom in.

The third alternative on this list of the top 10 alternatives to Skipe is Zoom . According to the company's own data, in April 2020 300 million people around the globe participated in daily video conferences in Zoom, in contrast to the 10 million participants per dayin December 2019.

Zoom advantages:

  • Security breaches have been resolved quickly so far.
  • Easy to use also for the less versed.
  • Versatile with many free features.

Zoom Reviews: [Average rating 4'6/5]

  • Very good alternative. -Damarlin.
  • He's never failed me. -Marta.
  • She's on my list of favourites. -Pablo.


The next alternative to Skype that we introduce to you is ICQ . ICQ has developed into a multi-faceted application with which you can also make video calls, although this function is only available for two user profiles .

Advantages of ICQ:

  • Developed for use on many platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS) and also online.
  • Encrypted video calls.
  • Wide range of functions.

ICQ opinions: [Average rating 4'6/5]

  • I really like the app. -Javier.
  • Good app. -Marc.
  • Cool. -Alberto.


Coming to the halfway point on this list is Jitsi. The open source software Jitsi is intended for those users for whom it is very important to protect their conversations against eavesdropping, since it encrypts all calls (with or without video).

Advantages of Jitsi:

  • There is no stipulated limit on the number of accounts that can be involved in video conferences.
  • Any type of communication (video conference, IP telephony, chat) can be encrypted.
  • The Jitsi Meet web application is multi-platform and can be used without registration.

Opinions of Jitsi: [Average rating 4'7/5]

  • I'm a teacher and it works very well. -Carmena.
  • I love it, the students pay more attention to me. -Laura.
  • Because it's similar to Skype, the students pay more attention to me. -Didac.


The sixth alternative we present is Tox . Any type of communication carried out with the application is secured by means of end-to-end encryption, thus ensuring that, apart from the interlocutors themselves, no one else has access to the contents of the conversations .

Advantages of Tox:

  • The program enables screen sharing with other users.
  • Thanks to peer-to-peer transfer, the content is only stored on the users' computers.
  • End-to-end encryption of conversation contents.

Tox's opinions: [Average rating 4'8/5]

  • I like it very, very good. -Francisco.
  • One of the best I've ever tasted. -Pablo.
  • I LOVE IT. -Andrea.


The seventh of the top 10 alternatives to Skype is Viper . The program masterfully manages both the telephony VoIP with or without image transfer, like instant messaging and file transfer.

Viper's advantages:

  • Extensive functionality.
  • End-to-end encryption.
  • Suitable for many operating systems and platforms

Viper Reviews: [Average Rating 4'6/5]

  • Very good alternative. -Damarlin.
  • I've never been late when I use it. -Marta.
  • It's on my favorite list. -Pablo.

Google Duo

The next alternative we present you is Google Duo . The Google Duo app, presented in May 2016, resembles FaceTime in simplicity. Here too, the main function is video calls between two participants, although it allows video conferences of up to 8 .

Advantages of Google Duo:

  • Ease of use.
  • End-to-end encryption.
  • It supports many platforms and it is not necessary to create or have a Google account.

Google Duo opinions: [Average rating 4'6/5]

  • I really like the app. -Javier.
  • Good app. -Marc.
  • Cool. -Alberto.


The ninth and penultimate alternative we present to you is Line . The free instant messagingapplication of Japanese origin offers many features known to competitors such as WhatsApp. Enter these, Line also features, in addition to the classic messaging functions The possibility of instantaneous video conferencing between two users.

Advantages of Line:

  • Numerous functions that go beyond mere messaging (for example, biography and storage space for messages and files).
  • Available for many platforms (Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS).
  • End-to-end encryption.

Opinions of Line: [Average rating 4'8/5]

  • I love it, I can upload a picture and videos. -Anna.
  • She's the best. -Carla.
  • Great for everything. -Maria.


The tenth and final alternative we present to you is WeChat . WeChat is available for almost all operating systems, with Linux as only exception. The functionality of the video call application is resembles that of Line; in addition to classic features such as chat function, IP telephony with or without video transmission(for a total of 9 participants) or file transfer.

Advantages of WeChat:

  • Videoconferencing with up to 9 participants.
  • Huge range of functions.
  • Available for many platforms (e.g. Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS) and as web app.

WeChat reviews: [Average rating 4'8/5]

  • I love it. -Gerardo.
  • Good one. -Ricardo.
  • Fantastic. -Miria.

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