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In October 2018, Netflix released Elite, a series Spanish cuisine, which combines ingredients that have proved successful in everyone: it has a young cast, it addresses current issues that concern adolescents, and has a component of intrigue and mystery that keeps the viewer on edge.

If you are waiting for a fourth season of Elite don't worry, at AlternWorld we want to present you this list with the 10 best series similar to Elite. This way the wait for next season will be shorter, and who knows you might discover a series you like better.

Top 10 Elite-like series

From AlternWorld we present you the best Elite-like series so you can make time for the new season.

Gossip Girls

The first Elite-like series we present to you is Gossip Girl . This series has many similarities with Elite, so if you liked the second one, you will probably enjoy the first one too. This series is based on the homonymous novels of Cecily von Ziegesar, puts us in an Upper East Side school in Manhattan where they go the children of New York's elite. There, the blogger known as Gossip Girl is telling the gossip that's going around educational center.

Lethal Class

The second in this list of the top 10 Elite-like series is Lethal Class. Lethal Class is a series with an original and surprising plot. In the late 80's, Marcus, a teenager without a family, without a home and without resources is recruited to study at a school of elitein which the children of the main families of criminals.

Physics or Chemistry

The third similar series we present to you is Physics or Chemistry . Physics or Chemistry takes us to the corridors of the private institute Zurbarán, a study center located in the city of Madrid. There we accompany students and teachers in their daily lives and are involvedin their interests, worries, adventures and misfortunes.

Dawson grows up

The fourth series that looks like Elite that we present to you is Dawson Crece . Dawson Crece is set in the fictional city of Capeside, where we know Dawson and his group of friends; Pacey Witter, Joey Potter and Jen Lindley, they're in high school. Over six seasons we can follow their adventures and misadventures, their romances and social conflicts.

13 reason why

Arriving at the halfway point of the 10 best series similar to Elite we present you 13 Reasons Why . For thirteen reasons it is based on the book of the same name written by Jay Asher. The plot places us in a high school where a tragedy: one of his students committed suicide . Before doing so, he recorded some cassette tapes explaining what the circumstances that have led him to commit that act and the role that had 13 people in its history .


The sixth Elite-like series we present to you is Skins . Skins is a controversial series that introduces us to life in high school Roundview Sixth Form College, a school located in Bristol (England). In this centre he studies a group of friends with ages between 16 and 18 years of age, with characteristics and a wide variety of personalities. The protagonists personify various themes and problems of young people, including homosexuality, drug addiction, racism, disorders food, family problems or teenage love.

The boarding school

The seventh similar series that we present to you and which is also Spanish is The Boarding School. The plot is set in the Laguna Negra boarding school, which dark secrets to be discovered. And that is, apart from the conflicts and typical themes of the series starring young people, El Internado shares with Elite the component of intrigue and mystery, since there are disappearances and murders that the characters go investigating. So, you'll like this show too if you've enjoyed watching Elite.

Little liars

The eighth of the 10 best elite-like series we present to you is Little Liars . Little Liars is based on the saga of Sara Shepard's novels. At the series we accompany four young people: Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, Emily Fields and Aria Montgomery. They were all a group of friends with their leader, Alison DiLaurentis, but they split up after the disappearance of this one. Three years later,the four old friends agree on the exclusive Rosewood Day Institute, where a stranger starts sending them messages telling secrets that only Alison knew.

Little liars: Perfectionists

The ninth and penultimate Elite-like series we present to you is Little Liars: Perfectionists . The show keeps Alison DiLaurentis and Mona, but the others characters are new, so it is not a continuation of their predecessor. On this occasion, the protagonists, a group of very perfectionists, area little older and already go to college. You have place a murder and the young people try to solve it together, which shows that everyone has a secret to hide .


The tenth and last, but not the worst, Elite-like series we present you is Merlí . The plot of the series revolves around Merlí Bergeron (Francesc Orella), an evicted philosophy teacher who is going to live with her mother, Carmina Calduch (Ana María Barbany), and will have to learn to live with her son Bruno (David Solans), who until then had been looked after by his ex-wife. Coinciding with Bruno's arrival, Merlí is hired at the Àngel Guimerà Institute. There, with his unpredictable and unorthodox methods, Merlí will reflect, give their opinion and also help their students with their problems, even if it's in a reprehensible way.

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