Top 5 alternatives to Prezi

If you are in the world of presentations either as a student or as an office worker sure you know the famous Prezi . Lately for its slide designs have revolutionized the world of presentations and has made a place in the options of its users.

If you want to use other programs similar to Prezi that are going to be you will be very useful when you have to design a presentation either to present your social work or to to present your social work or to deliver the payments of the company. That's why from AlternWorld we present you a list with the 5 best alternatives to Prezi.

What are the problems with Prezi?

Prezi doesn't really present a lot of annoying problems. The problems it will present you will be very small except for one, but that does not prevent a good use. Here are some of the problems with Prezi:

  • It doesn't accept all formats.
  • You need internet.
  • No customer service.

If after seeing this one you need a change from AlternWorld we present you a list created by our experts with the 5 best alternatives to Prezi.

The 5 best alternatives to Prezi

From AlternWorld we present you a list created by our experts with the 5 best alternatives to Prezi.


The first alternative to Prezi that we present is the famous PowerPoint program. PowerPoint is a Microsoft slideshow program known worldwide. Since it contains many animations for users.

Advantages of PowerPoint:

  • Many ways to express information.
  • Customization tools.
  • You can print the slides.
  • Contains animations.

Opinions of PowerPoint: [Average rating 4'8/5].

  • Works very well. -Laura.
  • I've been using it for a long time and it works great. -Carlos.
  • I love it, I use it at school. -Federico.

Google Presentations

The second slideshow program of the 5 best alternatives to Prezi is Google Presentations . It is a Google extension with the feature that is very similar to the previous alternative in the list.

Advantages of Google Presentations:

  • PowerPoint but on the internet.
  • Files in the cloud.
  • Allows sharing with friends.
  • Your colleagues can edit.

Reviews of Google Presentations: [Average rating 4'6/5]

  • I really like it and use it with colleagues. -Albert.
  • One of the best for teamwork. -Sergi.
  • Very good, the best at the moment. -Maite.


The third alternative to Prezi is Sway . With this tool what we find is a simplification of what we've already seen in the world's best-known seen in the best known slideshow program in the world, PowerPoint. This can be can be accessed both from web page and from its application for Android or iPhone.

Advantages of Sway:

  • It works with iPhone and Android.
  • It is very simple and intuitive.
  • It is free.

Reviews of Sway: [Average rating 4'7/5].

  • I love it, phenomenal. -Marta.
  • Very good. Erica.
  • The best in the world to present. -Francisca.


The fourth alternative to Prezi that we present is PowTon . Pow Ton, an application to make slides or online presentations that deserves to bring to the scene for the great originality it possesses.

Advantages of PowTon:

  • You can include graphic novel animations.
  • It is free and without registration.
  • It is very interactive and simple.

Reviews of PowTon: [Average rating 4'6/5]

  • I like it very much I recommend it. -Albert.
  • One of the best. -Sergio.
  • Very good for group work. -Maite.


The fifth alternative to Prezi that we present you is Slides . This tool is a very simple and intuitive online web application with which you can create presentations in the browser for private or professional use.

Advantages of Slides:

  • Priority on visual elements.
  • Ease of use.
  • Automatic adjustment to different formats.
  • Formula editor for scientific papers.

Opinions of Slides: [Average rating 4'6/5].

  • Very good of the ones I recommend the most. -Víctor.
  • I can rate my experience and I like it. -Sara.
  • Very good, it's for everyone. -Pablo.

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