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Wordpress platform is a content management system (CMS) that provides the facility to create and maintain a blog or other type of website in a very simple and accessible way. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious platforms with these features, many people both amateur and professional use it to generate their own content. Part of its success is the simplicity when using it.

If you want to create content for your company or make a personal blog Wordpress is an excellent place to do it, but you should not rule out other interesting options that are currently available. Stay tuned to AlternWorld for a list of the 5 best alternatives to Wordpress.

The 5 best alternatives to Wordpress

From AlternWorld we present you a list designed by our experts about the 5 best alternatives to Wordpress.


Joomla! is a completely free CMS and a great competitor to Wordpress given the accessibility of its interface and ease of use in general. It also has different options aimed at improving search engine optimization, many menu options and provides great control over the content strategy.

The advantages of Joomla!

  • Very easy to use.
  • It is totally free.
  • It has options to improve SEO.
  • It allows a good control of the strategies.

Joomla! reviews [Average rating 4'6/5].

  • Very good tool. -Dani.
  • Very accessible. -Jose.
  • I like it very much. -Isa.


This platform is very focused on the development of blogs and simple content, it is not so valid for the creation of more complicated websites. On the other hand, it is exceptional at what it does. It presents very versatile options with functions to customize the screens, with its own backups and easy to use.

The advantages of Ghost:

  • It includes subscription management.
  • It specializes in blogging.
  • Allows a lot of customization.
  • It provides integrated support for AMP.

Reviews of Ghost: [Average rating 4'7/5].

  • With a lot of options. -Laura.
  • Great for blogging. -Tom.
  • Customizable. -Fran.

Tiki Wiki

This alternative to Wordpress focuses much more on its own features and high performance than on third party extensions. It is an option that works very well with social networks, it is completely free and its use is also quite simple for any type of user.

The advantages of Tiki Wiki:

  • It uses a single optimized interface.
  • It works very well in social networks.
  • It is free.
  • Very intuitive and easy to use.

Reviews of Riki Wiki: [Average rating 4'7/5]

  • Very easy to use. -David.
  • Very fun to use. -Alba.
  • I love it. -Susana.


WebsiteBaker is the best alternative to Wordpress for design lovers, as it offers multiple options for creating custom templates and even has an integrated WYSIWYG editor to see previews throughout the process. It also features other facilities such as calendars and subscriptions.

The advantages of WebsiteBaker:

  • It offers a portable version.
  • It is in several languages.
  • It has many options to customize the design.
  • It is completely free but accepts donations.

WebsiteBaker reviews: [Average rating 4'8/5].

  • Very professional. -Simon.
  • With several options. -Edurne.
  • Easy for me. -Carmen.


The Jekyll platform can be found among the preferred alternatives to Wordpress by average users or those looking to share personal content, since its great strength is the simplicity in its use and its ease to create what you want. Of course, as everything is codable, some may look for other options.

The advantages of Jekyll:

  • It provides very good blog migration capabilities.
  • Many options for templates.
  • It's totally free.
  • Comes with a getting started guide.

Jekyll reviews: [Average rating 4'6/5].

  • Very interesting tool. -Amparo.
  • I like it very much. -Antonio.
  • Easy to use. -Juan.
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